Winkhaus activPilot Concept

activPilot Concept – general information

·         For tilt and turn windows with groove centre position 9 or 13mm)

·         Sash to frame clearance: 12 mm (usage range of 9.8 to 14mm)

·         Overlap: 18 or 20 /21mm

·         Wide range of individual Solutions


activPilot Concept for PVC-U windows

·         Surface-mounted hinge side with symmetrical drilling pattern for corner and shear hinges 

·         Suitable for almost all profile systems thanks to the wide variety of frame part series


activPilot Concept for wooden windows

·         Pot or rebate hinge at choice

·         For fitting groove 9 or 13mm and overlap widths of 18 or 20mm

·         Frame parts are designed for rebate depths of 18 to 30mm

·         Sash to frame clearance: 4 or 12mm


activPilot Concept for aluminium windows

·         Suitable for all standard aluminium profile systems with 16mm fitting groove

·         Some keeps in clamp-on design

·         Independent of the design and strength of the sash overlap thanks to the rebate hinge

Maximum sash weights*:

·         Timber: 130 or 150kg (in doors)

·         PVC-U: 100 – 130kg

·         Aluminium:  130kg


Maximum sash sizes*:


·         Maximum sash rebate height 2800mm

·         Maximum sash rebate width 1725mm


Drilling patterns:


·         PVC-U and aluminium – symmetrical

·         Timber – pot hole – symmetrical


Sash-to-frame clearance:

·         From 9.8mm to max. 14mm