Fold & Slide - Siegenia Portal Barier Free / Low Threshold

For large opening widths and full flexibility.

With the PORTAL FS PLUS, fold and slide elements with up to seven elements and a sash weight of up to 80 kg can be effortlessly folded up. This results in opening widths of up to 6.3 m and no less freedom of design: The hardware covers can be painted in different colors and are also suitable for outside use thanks to the high-quality surface technology. Even during fabrication, the system proves its worth with its efficient installation technology, great flexibility, and high cost-effectiveness.

Bogie Wheels - So easy to fold and barrier-free if desired.


·         Smooth sash motion and minimum need for adjustment thanks to large, ball-bearing bogie wheels made of special PVC

·         Brush elements keep the running rail free of dust and dirt and improve the quality of movement

·         The thermally separated threshold: enables a barrier-free version and prevents the formation of condensation


Folding Hinges - Maintenance-free, weather-resistant and can also be outward opening.


·         Large passage is possible with practically unrestricted opening widths

·         Rebate hinges with special friction bearings guarantee easy, noiseless and long-lasting ease of use

·         Maintenance-free due to PVC bearing

·         Weather-resistant due to high-quality surface technology of the hardware components

·         Also suitable for outward opening elements

·         Also available in a highly corrosion-resistant stainless-steel finish

·         Effective burglar resistance through the use of bolt security and special screws

·         Turn-and-tilt sash can be integrated

·         Outward opening elements: The hinges can only be removed when the sash is open

with the FS-RS sash hinge, the outside hinges can easily be cleaned from the inside