Door Locks and Cylinders

Winkhaus Multi-Point Locking systems for Doors

Multi-Point Locking System with Hooks
- Three-Point Locking System with Hooks
- Five-Point Locking System with Hooks
- Three-Point Locking System with Entry Guard

Automatic Multi-Point Locking System
- Automatic Locking System
- Electronic Automatic Locking System

Electronic Multi-Point Locking System
- Blue Motion
- Blue Top

Multi-Point Locking System with Additional Function
- Emergency Exit and Panic Door Locking System
- Fire Protection Lock

Energy-saving Locking System
- Bolt Locking System
- Eccentric Roller Cam Locking System

Greater protection, greater comfort in the home – Winkhaus Multi-
Point Locking Systems for doors.
People should feel safe and secure in their own home. Winkhaus door and
window technology goes a long way in helping them feel secure. Maximum
burglar resistance thanks to innovative fitting technology and intelligent
locking systems. Protection from Winkhaus – a good feeling

Intelligent protection
One of the best things which can happen to a building: Protection from
Winkhaus multipoint locking systems for doors. Winkhaus supplies tough
and reliable locking systems for building entrance and apartment doors of
all material types which meet the most demanding of requirements.

Consistent quality builds up trust
Winkhaus is the top specialist in door and window technology –
successfully operating for over 150 years. Long-term commitments are
characteristic of family-owned companies and clear proof of their reliability.